Ardi Gunawan is a Jakarta-born artist who was based in Melbourne from 2003-2010. Throughout his practice, he develops projects that are process-driven. His exhibitions often operate through other people (or actors), involving them in his desires and experimental actions through collaboration. Examples of this include: reinstalling Domenico de Clario’s work (Intermezzo, 2010); carrying out and interpreting a diagram-based score, devised by Spiros Panigirakis, into several forms of production (Instant Network, 2010); choreographing two actors to perform a gesture of kissing (Desperate Exhibition Making Techniques, 2010); the extemporized attacks on his installations by a number of invited artists (Sculptural Relations, 2009) and teaching the I-Ching system in an artwork (Influence(s), 2009).

Currently, Ardi is supported by the Australian government through the Australia Council for the Arts, Australia’s arts funding and advisory body, to create a collaborative research project with a soft toy company founded by his parents in Jakarta.