Tomoko Momiyama, Meirin Attunement Room, 2018

Silk strings, tuning forks, stones, vessels, plants, objects, sand, water, rice, cloth, paper, Hishaku bamboo ladle

Meirin Attunement Room is an instrument for tuning oneself to the harmony of a possible Kyoto. The room itself is an instrument and the bodies of the people who play this room also become instruments.
According to the book “Heiankyo Sound Universe” by Shin Nakagawa, Kyoto was meticulously tuned in correspondence to the cosmology of Five Elements in Ying Yang, when the city was first created. Nakagawa proposes that people of ancient Kyoto lived in a rich soundscape of temple bells – turned to the fundamental tones of different modes – ringing from all directions.
This work invites you to listen carefully to the sound cosmology of both the possible city, as well as your own body by playing and becoming the instruments.

Collaborated with: Yasuko Momiyama, Kyu-mei, Wukir Suryadi, Misbach Daeng Bilok, and Caitlin Franzmann, Yohei Sogo
Special Thanks To: Eri Ito (Sho player), Tobaya Co., LTD., Murin-an, Okayama Moss Association, and Moiri.



中川真さんの著書『平安京 音の宇宙』によると、古代の京都は綿密な宇宙論に基づいて調律されていた可能性があるそうです。異なる調子の宮音に調律された梵鐘が各方角から鳴り響き、その重厚なサウンドスケープの中で平安京の人々は生活していたというのです。

協力:伊藤えり(笙奏者)、株式会社 鳥羽屋、無鄰菴、岡山コケの会、モアレ

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