(by Tintin Wulia)

Not that I mind, really, but all this past first week Wukir kept kidnapping me and bringing me places. He’s quite obsessive about many things, and a few of these many things he did share with me in this past week, innocently (to use his wife’s description of him), gradually, sneakily, readily, passionately, sometimes overwhelmingly, other times grippingly.

One of these many things stuck with me: he’s obsessed about mills. Windmills, watermills, not as themselves, but as energy generators. He built a watermill in a pond at his backyard, and he talks excessively about a gutter in front of his friend’s studio through which water never stops flowing, then he brought me there and showed me it, and how fantastic it would be if he could generate electricity with a small watermill there, what it would look like, what I think about it, what it makes me think of, if I could sorta attach a concept onto it, and I realised at that point I needed to interfere and so I said, Wukir, Wukir. I can’t think if you don’t stop talking. I said it quite subtly, of course, subtly enough for him to get the point, and he laughed, before going to his next topic.

I can’t remember being particularly interested in mills, but I guess his obsession was contagious. Not that I haven’t thought of wheels before, but I couldn’t stop thinking about wheels from then on.

And so, today we’re buying an Odong-odong. To make this story even better, I should tell you: it’s a double decker.


Yes, that’s Doraemon at the back, and Angry Bird at the top. No, it’s not at all an impulsive buy – this blog entry has been clearly oversimplified and I have all the best reasons to get an Odong-odong. I’ll tell you more as we go along our Odong-odong Dingdong.