IBP 3 – Melbourne, Australia

Interview by Serena Bentley for NGV 
In conversation with IBP co-curators Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern

Review by Alexander Crosby for The Conversation
Instrument Builders at the NGV: experience it before it changes

Article by Michael Dwyer in the Sydney Morning Herald / The Age
Indonesian fusion sounds like the street

Interview by Michael Cathcart for Books and Arts Daily – Radio National Australia
Indonesian Instrument Builders at the NGV

Natty Solo Social Pics
The Instrument Builders Project

Listing at the M Pavilion
Slow Art Collective vs Instrument Builders Project at M Pavilion

Radio Documentary by Caitlin Gibson for ABC Radio National
Instrument Builders Project in Indonesia


IBP 2 – 2014 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Photo Gallery in Indo Art Now
A Group Exhibition: Instrument Builders Project 2014

Article by Fajar Nugraha for Okezone
Instruments can be media diplomacy

Photo Gallery in MetroTV News
Art Exhibition, Two Countries

Report for Skalanews 
Joint Exhibition


IBP 1 – 2013 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Essay by Helen Hughes for Dissect Journal
What’s with all the site-specific art?: The Instrument Builders Project

Article by Ili Tulloch for the Jakarta Globe
Australian Indonesian Artists Make Music of Mount Merapi

Story by Sen Lam for ABC Radio
Australian Artists build Musical Instruments played by Indonesia’s Mount Merapi Volcano

Essay by Malcolm Smith for Real Time Arts
The Common Language of Tinkering

News story by ABC Australia Network
Music Playing Volcano