So much has been happening at the Instrument Builders Workshop at iCAN…

Coming soon we’ll be presenting half-term reports on all the works being developed here as a series of short video portraits.

But first, some announcements.

Our public events for the Yogyakarta IBP have been organised and we are very excited.  We’ll be staging a concert and discussion on Saturday 13th September and a collaborative installation work the following day on the 14th of September. These events will demonstrate the scope of possibilities for playing, interacting and experiencing the ‘instruments’. See our events page for more info!


In other news, Indonesian contemporary dancer, Fitri Setyaningsih, is joining us today to rehearse for a collaboration which will be performed publicly tomorrow at iCAN. Fitri’s works extend from her own observations of objects and environments, social space and interaction, and other everyday phenomena. We are excited to see how she responds to the IBP – both in terms of the instruments themselves (how they divide, fragment and condition the space – especially Ardi Gunawan’s long strings) as well as the creepy human-machine soundworld we are currently generating.