Wukir IBP


Wukir Suryadi is the product of a unique fusion of ancient Javanese tradition with contemporary music practice. His approach is informed by his rich cultural heritage and unique personal history which has lead him into methods of music experimentation which includes instrument buildin.

The original instrument shaped like a bamboo spear utilizes www.wuorder.com both percussive strings carved from the bamboo’s skin, and melodic steel strings, bringing together elements of traditional Indonesian instruments with garage guitar distortion.

Schooled in the theatre, Wukir Suryadi brings theatrical ruckus to the classical stage, plucking, strumming and bowing his way from peaceful meditations to rhythmical frenzies. The evolution of his music is never complete as he utilizes the agility of his instrument to collaborate with musicians and performance artists from around the world, fluently bridging musical styles and inventing new instruments as he goes.

Wukir is also the Indonesian co-curator of The Instrument Builders Project.